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Affric-Beauly hydro-electric power scheme

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The Affric / Beauly hydro-electric power scheme for the generation of hydro-electric power is located in the western Highlands of Scotland. It is based around Glen Strathfarrar, Glen Cannich and Glen Affric, and Strathglass further downstream.

The scheme was developed by the North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board, with plans being approved in 1947.

The largest dam of the scheme is at Loch Mullardoch, at the head of Glen Cannich. From there, a tunnel takes water to Loch Beinn a’ Mheadhoinn (Loch Benevean) in Glen Affric, via a small underground power station near Mullardoch dam. Loch Benevean is also dammed, with a tunnel taking water to the main power station of Fasnakyle, near Cannich.

To the north in Glen Strathfarrar, Loch Monar is dammed, and a 9 km tunnel carries water to an underground power station at Deanie. Further down the glen, the River Farrar is dammed just below Loch Beannacharan, with a tunnel to take water to Culligran power station (also underground).

The River Farrar joins with the River Glass near Struy to form the River Beauly. Downstream on the River Beauly, dams and power stations have been built in gorges at Aigas and Kilmorack.

As the rivers in this scheme are important for Atlantic salmon best runners waist pack, flow in the rivers is kept above agreed levels. The dams at Kilmorack how to quickly tenderize steak, Aigas and Beannacharn contain Borland fish lifts to allow salmon to pass.

Today the scheme is owned and run by Scottish and Southern Energy (previously Scottish Hydro Electric following privatisation).

Mullardoch Dam

Benevean Dam

Monar dam and intake

Entrance to Culligran power station

Aigas power station

Kilmorack power station

Deanie Power Station

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